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So if you're a fan of Buttercup, I encourage you to read the rules, pick up a code, and join the fanlisting!


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Super Girl is Open!
January 31, 2009

The Buttercup fanlisting is officially up! I've seen this fanlisting go through a few closing before, but hopefully that will end with me. Buttercup is one of my all-time favorite characters; She appears charismatic and dauntless in everything she does, and yet she secretly shares the same (if not more) insecurities and vulnerabilities as any other little girl. All of this makes for a very interesting personality in a genuinely good character, although it is easy to overlook her nicer qualities. Even if I'm the only one to ever join, I'm putting everything I can think of into this project, 'cause I think Buttercupos definitely deserves it n_n

For now, just the fanlisting portion of the site is working. I'll be adding much much more later on though, as time allows me. If anyone has any comments/questions/ideas/suggestions, I'd be very happy to receive them. Just email me for now, until I can finally get a contact form up. :P

EDIT: Just thought I'd mention to any PPG fans out there that haven't heard: The Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary Complete Six Season box set was released on January 20, and sells for about $40-$50 in most stores in the USA. It includes virtually every video/movie/episode ever made for the PPGs, save for the movie that was released in 2002. It's a great deal for anyone who has been missing the show and is tired of staying up at night to watch it on Boomerang.

Buttercup: Hey, Blossom, where'd you get that giant match?
Blossom: Same place I got the giant jar!
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