1. Must be a fan of Buttercup.
  2. To join the fanlisting, you must include your name and country. Realistic names only, please. Nicknames are fine, but last names will not be added, and ridiculous names such as "soandso_123" and "BuTtErCUPfAn" will be changed to something more appropriate. You can use the Update Form to submit a new name after you have been added to the fanlisting.
  3. If you own a website, add a code or text link to your site before you apply to join. If I don't see a code/link, you will still be added to the fanlisting, but your website will not be included. Use the comment box if you think your link-back will be hard to find.
  4. Offensive or inappropriate websites will not be added.


*running* I'm using muscles I never even knew I had!
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