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 Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire Cat:  Angry Beavers, The:  Avatar: The Last Airbender: Prince Zuko:  Bambi:  Beauty and the Beast:  Beauty and the Beast: Beast and Belle:  Buttercup:  Dexter's Laboratory:  Family Guy: Fanlisting for the animated TV show FAMILY GUY.  Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:  Finding Nemo:  Garfield: Garfield:  Invader Zim:  James and the Giant Peach:  Land Before Time, The (series):  Little Mermaid, The:  Mulan:  Peter Pan:  Peter Pan: Tinker Bell:  Pinocchio:  Pixar Films:  Pocahontas:  Relationships: Raven and Robin:  Rugrats: Finster, Charles Jr. (Chuckie):  Samurai Jack:  Shrek:  Spongebob Squarepants:  Spongebob Squarepants: Squidward:  Swan Princess, The:  Teen Titans:  Teen Titans: Raven:  Teen Titans: Red X (II):  The Last Unicorn:  The Lion King:  The Lion King: Simba and Nala:  The Little Mermaid: Ariel:  The Nightmare Before Christmas:  The Powerpuff Girls: Sugar & Spice - Fanlisting for the Cartoon Network cartoon The Powerpuff Girls  Transformers: Starscream:  Up:  WALL-E:  Wild Thornberrys, The:

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