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Welcome to Pretty Boy , the approved fanlisting for the character Satoshi Hiwatari/Hikari from the anime/manga series D.N.Angel, listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network under the Characters:0-M category. If you're a fan of the mysterious yet alluring Satoshi Hiwatari, I encourage you to join the fanlisting!

Not sure what a fanlisting is? A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country.


always taking notes...

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Last updated: 05th July 2019
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he's just so hard to talk to

03 May 2009

Just finished adding some scans/caps of Satoshi. Got through volume 3 of the manga and the first five episodes of the anime. I must start working on a few other projects, but I'll be adding more as time allows.

01 May 2009

The fanlisting portion of the site is up and running. I still have a lot of work to do with the rest of the content, but any members and/or affiliates are more than welcome! n_n

30 April 2009

Approved at The Anime Fanlistings Network. Thanks TAFL! <3

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